Image Development & Public Perception

People form their opinions of any organization based on the first few seconds of input they receive about the organization - whether it be from direct contact or an indirect source - in many cases, the media.

With that in mind, what kind of image is your organization portraying to your community, key government officials and your own employees?

We can help you develop media policy guidelines, create an internal or external communication plan or develop strategies to improve crime prevention and community relations programs. We have experience producing annual reports targeted to the community and government officials and can help your organization communicate effectively to all your target audiences.

Learn how image and perception affect you and your organization, and why you may want to polish the image you portray to the public, and how.

Image, Perception & the Media Workshop (1 day)

Provides an understanding of what affects the image of public safety agency, the public's perception of an agency and the media's role.

  • Understand the importance of executives and staff actions both on and off duty as it affects their agency's reputation and public perception;
  • Have an understanding of the close relationship between media and public safety organizations;
  • Recognize why an agency's public image plays a significant role in allowing it to fulfill its missions and goals; and
  • Understand the media's role in forming the public's opinion of an agency, and how an organization can maximize this relationship.